The HUB was formed when the City Council decided to advertise for local clubs and community organisations to form a collective that would take on board full responsibility under a lease for the Holford Drive Playing Fields site, and manage it to promote sports participation. This was because the site had no changing rooms, and was generally run down and the Council did not have the resources to make the necessary improvements and manage them going forward. The capital investments and improvements took place from 2012 to 2014 and the site was transferred to the HUB in November 2013 under a Community Asset Transfer under the City Councils policy.

Four anchor clubs came together with Broadway Academy to form the HUB and went on to invest significant time and effort into making grant applications to ensure the £2.3million investment in new facilities took place to make the facility attractive and usable.

Prince William opens Holford Sports Hub


Lincoln Moses MBE, Keith John and Diane Sawyers, Trustees from Holford Drive Community Sports Hub attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace on 19th May 2016 where they met the Queen and other winners of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work in their communities. The awards were created in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and winners are announced each year on 2 June – the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation. The award was presented to the Hub by Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands, Beverley Lindsay OBE.

The Deputy Lieutenant, Beverley Lindsay said she was delighted to be in attendance to present the award on behalf of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth: “It is an honour to be here to present this award to such a deserving winner.

“Holford Drive is for the community by the community and there are many people involved who regularly devote their time to help others and to improve the lives of those around them.

“This place brings together communities that in normal circumstances would not usually interact. It uses sport as the vehicle to break down barrier, proving that the power of sport can change lives.”

Lord Mayor: Carl Rice, Lincoln Moses MBE, Deputy Lord Lieutenant: Beverly Lindsay OBE, Keith John, Eugene Codrington, Councillor Paulette Hamilton, Diane Sawyers and John Homer.


  1. To improve the health and well being of the local community through the provision of sports and physical activity opportunities that meet strategically identified need.
  2. To improve a semi-derelict playing field bringing environmental improvements in a sustainable way
  3. To provide for the physical education and curriculum needs of Broadway School and other local schools
  4. To provide positive opportunities for local young people to engage in activities to reduce crime and improve community safety
  5. To create local employment and training and development opportunities
  6. To deliver as a replicable pilot project a community sports hub for Birmingham engaging local community groups and building their capacity and developing local pride and identity.
  7. To reduce operational costs to the authority through a Community Asset Transfer


The hub operates to the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport and Recreation Sector developed by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (2011) The Code is designed to enable sport and recreation organisations to aspire to and maintain good governance. It is a tool to help Boards perform their role by outlining seven simple principles in the following areas:

i. Integrity: Acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area
ii. Defining and evaluating the role of the board
iii. Delivery of vision, mission and purpose
iv. Objectivity: Balanced, inclusive and skilled board
v. Standards, systems and controls
vi. Accountability and transparency
vii. Understanding and engaging with the sporting landscape


Holford Drive Community Sports HUB Ltd acknowledges that it has a duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance, complies with best practice and BCC Children’s Safeguarding Board requirements.

The HUB’s policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children are paramount in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that regardless of age, gender, religion or beliefs, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, all children have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport at Holford Drive in a safe and child centred environment and are protected from abuse whilst participating in activities at the HUB or as part of its constituent clubs or activities.

The Board and governance

Holford Drive Community Sports HUB is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. The HUBs activities are governed by its Constitution (Articles of Association) and its Charitable Aims.

The Board is made up of two trustees appointed by each of the 4 founder clubs, along with a Councillor nominated by Birmingham City Council, and by Broadway Academy as the local secondary school. There are two “skills based” appointees and a trustee who plays the role of community advocate. The HUB Board meets monthly to manage the business.

Each club has nominated two Directors to the HUB board which manages the site. The main clubs have their own committees and constitutions, set their own membership fees and manage their own finances. The HUB clubs have their own coaching, teaching and activity programmes and set these prices. The HUB Clubs also make an annual grant to the HUB to help pay for annual running costs, and this helps upkeep of the whole site. HUB clubs have an agreement with the HUB which gives priority use and sets out the responsibilities the Clubs have for cleaning, management, and for meeting the conditions of the capital grant funders who invested in the new facilities.

Company Information

The Company number of the registered Company is 8372141.

The Charity Number of the Registered Charity is 1153926.

The Company Registered Office is

Holford Drive Community Sports HUB

c/o Shoesmiths Ltd,

54 Hagley Road,



B16 8PE