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Continental Star Football Club


Founded by a group of friends who just wanted to play structured football, in an era when football did not fully understand or embrace an every changing multicultural society. 

Today, Continental Star remains a beacon for many in the inner city areas of Birmingham.  Out of humble beginnings, it now boasts several football teams, beginning with the ‘Mini-movers’, a project that offers an introduction to the game for children aged between 3 and 6 years old; right up to the veterans.  Also a successful ‘Ladies’ team ensures that opportunities are available to all.  Simply put, Continental Star is ‘More Than Just a Football Club.’

Continental Star has been successfully working within the inner city areas of Birmingham for the past 40 years, using football as a medium in which to actively engage those considered by many, to be ‘hard to reach young people’ in sport and education / training. The organisation has grown in capacity over the 35 years of its existence; obtaining charity status in order to continue to build upon its social commitments and Continental Star now consists of 15 football teams and an after school Education club (Homework Club.)

In addition to this, the organisation has in recent times been involved in running successful projects such as: residential visits; obesity awareness for BME women; healthy living and conditioning courses; football development centres; inner city recruitment days for professional football clubs; mentoring / counselling of young BME women; heritage work with children to develop an understanding of people from other cultures/countries; life-skills workshops; Judo sessions; maths after school club with primary school children, and supporting African refugees making a new life in Birmingham.

To assist with the development of the clubs activities we have enhanced our procurement of the following items.

• Enhance the image of our Organisation as good citizen of the community;

• Impress and influence high calibre constituents, donors, and volunteers of our organization, many of whom will be future leaders.

 • Foster, establish, strengthen, and embrace governmental agendas regarding “The Big Society”.

• Enhance our image among the community shareholders;

• And, most important, help make our organisation a community asset.

Continental Star FC has been serving the inner city community for 3 decades and the last 7 years it has become a social enterprise & Charity who has actively worked to reduce some of the barriers that exist for some people living in the inner city areas of Birmingham.

Sport is recognized as a potentially powerful force in Inner city community life.

Sport and recreation are an important antidote to boredom, a key factor (YOS) in the prevention of juvenile crime suggested that sport can provide a ‘centrality’ to Inner city communities, an essential ingredient to stop anti-social behaviour.


General Manager Lincoln Moses MBE


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